Pepper Plants

Anaheim                         77 days         Long, pendent, tapers green peppers. Mildly hot, medium thick

Ancho AKA Pablano       65 days         Loads of mildly pungent, 4" heart-shaped fruit. called Ancho when dried and Pablano when fresh.

Orange Bell                   70 days         One of the sweetest bells. Warm orangy-red when ripe.  Allow to ripen fully for unbeatable flavor!

Banana                            68 days         Attractive, sweet, 6" long fruits are great when eaten fresh , frying or pickling.

California Wonder          75 days         A great bell pepper for stuffing. Smooth and glossy, dark green turns red as it ages, 4" by 4" peppers.

Cayenne                          72 days         Good for pickles, canning or drying. Slender 4-6". 5,000 Scovilles

Cowhorn                         75 days         Distinctively curved pods, 6-10" long turns from dark green to red. Abundant peppers. 

Golden Wonder              70 days         Heirloom Bell Peppers are bright gold, changing to orange-red when mature.

 Habanero                         95 days        Tapered, lantern shaped pods with thin flesh ripening to golden orange. 250,000-300,000 Scovilles

Fresno chili                 75days        The Fresno gains a smokier, fruitier taste than a jalapeño as it matures to its red hue. Many, in fact, prefer the more complex flavors.

Jalapeno                            72 days        Dark green 3x1" fruit maturing to red. Good fresh, pickling, or drying. 5000-8000 Scovilles

Scotch Bonnet                  80 days       These small, thin skinned, peppers are shaped like a patty pan squash and grow to about 3/4" long and 1-1/2" wide.

Pepperoncini                      72 days       Abundant yields of thin, yellowish-green , mildly hot fruits. Great in salads or pickled.

Purple Bell                         70 days        Deep purple blocky bell with thick walls. Compact plants yield heavily. 

Red Bell                              70 days       Smooth, blocky, thick-walled fruits mature from green to red. Excellent fresh or for processing.

Serrano                               75 days        Slim, club shaped green peppers maturing to bright red. Crisp fresh taste. 30,000 Scovilles

Thai                                   70 days        Small, slim peppers about 1" long appear bright red when mature. Heavy producer. 35,000 Scovilles