Tomato Plant Starts

Salad and Slicers


80 days      Indeterminate    Very large, ribbed scarlet fruits up to 2 lbs. Excellent slicer.

Big Beef                  
73 days      Indeterminate     Great yield, uniform in shape, 9-16 oz. AAS winner 1994

Black Krim              
74 days       Indeterminate   A sweet Russian heirloom with a rich, earthy taste. 8-12 oz fruits.

Bonnie Best

72 days     Indeterminate    8-10 oz globed fruits that are solid and meaty. A favorite!

Box Car Willie        
80 days      Indeterminate     Prolific yields, red-orange fruits with an old fashioned flavor.

Brandywine Red      
90 days      Indeterminate     One of the finest flavored large tomatoes. 

Brandywine Yellow  
90 days      Indeterminate     Heirloom has distinctive sweet flavor great in sauces or fresh slicing.

Caspian Pink

80 days     Indeterminate   Prolific heirloom,1-2 pound, globe-shaped, pleated, pink-red beefsteak tomatoes that rival Brandywine in popularity and flavor.

Cherokee Purple      
85 days      Indeterminate      Rich, dark color and unmatched rich, sweet taste. A consistent winner at tomato fests!

77 days      Indeterminate     Extra large fruit, smooth red and somewhat crack resistant.

Early Doll

55 days    Determinate    4-5 oz. bright red, globed shaped fruits great for salads. 

Early Girl                    
57 days     Indeterminate    Early slicer, producing meaty, bright red, slightly flattened fruits.

65 days     Indeterminate     3-5" fruits, good crack resistance, with beefsteak flavor.

German Johnson        

80 days      Indeterminate     Low in acid, mild flavor, and very meaty.


55 days    Semi-determinate    Loads of 2-3", red to slightly orange fruit. Excellent flavor.


74 days    Indeterminate    Early maturing 6-10 oz. red tomatoes. Very meaty and flavorful

Golden Jubilee            

72 days       Indeterminate     Non-acidic,solid meats, smooth skinned, medium sized fruits are heavy producers.

Green Zebra                

78 days       Indeterminate     Glowing green skin with sweet and zesty flavor. 1 1/2"-2 1/2" fruits.


80 days    Determinate    Heirloom with classic rich tomato flavor used in ketchup


85 days        Indeterminate    A West Va. Heirloom with large, mild flesh streaked with orange, yellow and red.


80 days    Determinate    Heirloom . Firm, meaty, large tomatoes. The large vines produce an  average of 50 lbs of fruit per season.


64 days        Indeterminate    Large 8 oz smooth, juicy fruits have huge yields and great flavor.

Kelloggs Breakfast      

82 days       Indeterminate     Solid, meaty, superb tasting fruits up to 1 lb.


 72 days       Determinate       High yields of globe shaped fruits with very uniform vine growth.

Mortgage Lifter            

85 days       Indeterminate     Large uniform fruits with excellent disease resistance.

Mr. Stripey                  

80 days       Indeterminate      Large striped fruit with low acid and few seeds.

Oregon Spring            

60 days       Determinate         Loads of meaty fruit with excellent flavor. Compact plant sets fruit even in cooler weather.


85 days       Indeterminate      Heirloom with old-fashioned flavor. Large, reddish pink fruits with few seeds.


 87 days        Indeterminate      Beautiful striped fruits with meaty flesh and mild flavor.

Prudens Purple            

75 days        Indeterminate      Deep-pink fruits weigh up to 1 lb. Early for such large fruit. Similar to Brandywine


74 days         Determinate        All purpose, good for canning. Fill-bodied flavor.


50 days         Determinate         Good yields of flavorful 5 oz bright red tomatoes.  Can set fruit even at 38 degrees


62 days         Indeterminate      Cold tolerant variety that ripens early and sweet with 2" fruits.


65 days    Determinate    Bright yellow 4-6 oz fruit with meaty, mild and acid free fruit


65 days         Indeterminate      Excellent for salsa and picante dishes. Harvest when green.


cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry                

70 days         Indeterminate      Round fruits grow in trusses of 6-8. Doesn't crack.


60 days    Indeterminate    High yields of 3/4 oz grape tomatoes grown in large clusters


75 days    Semi-determinate   Small, thin skinned, and juicy gourmet tomato

Jelly Bean                      

72 days         Indeterminate      Prolific producer, oblong fruits in groups of 15-30 per cluster.

Tiny Tim                        

45 days         Indeterminate      Grows only about 12" tall with 1" sweet red cherry tomatoes. 


65 days    Indeterminate   Ultra sweet, 1 oz fruits are very resistant to cracking

Large Red Cherry          

75 days         Indeterminate      Strong vigorous plants with fantastic yields. Great for salads and snacking!

Gardners' Delight          

68 days         Indeterminate      Heirloom. Heavy producer of sugar sweet, crack resistant red cherry tomatoes.

Pink Bumblebee

65 days   Indeterminate    Bright, sweet flavor, and the color is vibrant fire-engine-red with golden orange striping. Vigorous vines yield crack resistant fruits over a very long season.

Sun Sugar                        

62 days        Indeterminate       Sweeter than Sungold with better crack resistance


57 days        Indeterminate       Bite-sized golden fruits remains one of the sweetest available.

Sweet 100                        

65 days       Indeterminate       Long strands of 100 or more, super sweet cherry tomatoes

Sweet Million                  

60 days        Indeterminate      Long chains of 1-1 1/2" fruits on large vigorous plants.

Yellow Pear                      

75 days         Indeterminate     Heirloom. Mild in flavor, great for snacking or salads.


Paste and Sauce Tomatoes

Amish Paste                      

74 days         Indeterminate      Heirloom. Deep red oxheart shape plum tomato. Outstanding flavor.

Health Kick

75 days        Determinate      50% more lycopene and bountiful crop of 4 oz fruits  

La Roma                          

76 days         Determinate        Meaty fruits, 5-8 oz fruits that are very flavorful.


75 days         Determinate       Perfect for sauces and pastes. Pear shaped with few seeds.

San Marzano                    

80 days           Indeterminate   Superb flavor,holds well on vine and in storage. Perfect for canning.


75 days           Indeterminate   Up to 6" long, great for sauces or catsup. Very prolific